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Word of Hope is a Christian, non-denominational, non-profit organization. We seek to glorify God in all our activities and to be a light of Christ in the places where we live and work and to the community. 

By working with partners like you, we can equip and empower others with the knowledge of the salvation of Christ through medical services, education, training, and empowerment.

Please find below a listing of our staff in each of our 5 focus areas.

OUR TEAM - Mission Statement

Our Team


Rev. Michel Ouedraogo, Founder & President
Samuel N. Ouedraogo, Vice President
 Lydie Ouedraogo, General Secretary
Mathieu Gouba, Administrator
Compaore Alassane, Team Leader
Hubert Ouedraogo, Accountant
Nacoulma, Secretary Assistant

OUR TEAM - Word of Hope

Mr. Samuel Ouedraogo, Director

Dr. Fidel Nanema, Chief Medical Officer

OUR TEAM - Source de Vie Hospital

Rev. Michel Ouedraogo, Founder, Word of Life

Evang. Joseph Bimba, Evangelistic Crusades and Outreach

Rev. Ismael, Chaplain, Source de Vie Hospital

Ps. Alassane Compaore, Outreach Ministry
Brother Francis Hubert, Biblical Education, Village of Hope (Education)

Ps. Enoch Ouedraogo, Children’s Ministry

OUR TEAM - Evangelism

Brother Francis Hubert, Biblical Education, Village of Hope (Education)

Mr. Timothee Sawadogo, Director

Mr. Tamini Roland, Secretary General

OUR TEAM - Village of Hope (Education)

Mr. Michael Ouedraogo, General Manager

OUR TEAM - Village of Hope Farming

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OUR TEAM - Contact
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